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Monday, May 01, 2006

Opening Spiel

Thank you for choosing Balbakwa Dried Fish and Bagoong, This is Liam Speaking, How May I help you today!


I got my first call center campaign broker deal/consultancy almost a year ago, and it was such a journey for me in this new found process.

I started as an agent in the "Call Center Agency" and eventually I got my real break outside Operations when I started to post possitive comments about the
Philippine Call Center Industry in "Erlang C website."

My well gain experiences was a hard journey considering the fact that I have my own family when I started to work in a call center. I have to juggle my time between my family and work and working at night is no easy job, and everytime I look back at my past and when I remember my days during my "Call Center Operations", the elements and situations I did, the balance management of people, expectations and goal settings, the providence of matrices, and the over all best practices implementations. All of it gives me the joy to know that the learning process was very rewarding.

I have friends who are still working in "International" as well as "Local" Call Centers. Some of them has reach their pen ultimate in career goals, (I dont know if it has changed now) and that is to become an Operations Manager. Good for them because they focused in maintaining their set goals achieved.

Kudos to all my friends who made it through!
Hi to Kit Joshua, Leona, Erick, Maedei, and Gudo! and to all my friends who proved that mileage is very important and to last long in this industry one must have the virtue of patience.


Well me, I took a different path and I done it rather in a different way. I took the shortest way possible, though I choose to detour it is but the hardest, most painful and very dangerous but an adventure filled path, and I made it sure that every experience is worth a thousand teacher and each and every lecture is huge in heart moving lessons.

Dont worry guys I'll have it posted here one of this days, entitled "The Shortest Way"

Enjoy the trip and Welcome!


May 01, 2006 - 12:39PM Manila Time